Collaborating on Foreign Reporting with USC
November 26, 2018

This fall, the Pacific Council launched a new collaboration with the USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. We teamed up with Philip Seib, a long-time Pacific Council member and renowned faculty member at Annenberg, for a new graduate-level class on foreign reporting.

The class engaged eight graduate students – most of them in the M.S. Journalism program – to think critically about covering international issues from a city like Los Angeles. The students dove into stories about vibrant immigrant communities on the West Coast, efforts to right historical injustices, and complex legal and tax issues. They also had front-row access to Pacific Council events, including our inaugural PolicyWest conference, and covered the issues discussed and debated by experts.

"By having access to Pacific Council events and speakers, the students have gained real-world experience and have developed a new appreciation for the complexities of the topics the Pacific Council addresses," Seib commented. 

Graduate student Mikayla Bean listens to a panel discussion at PolicyWest

"I decided to move into a career in journalism in the hopes of raising awareness about important international stories that many Americans would otherwise never think twice about," said Mikayla Bean, an M.S. Journalism candidate taking Seib’s foreign reporting class. "Seeing the enthusiasm at the PolicyWest conference and the incredible work my classmates are producing has made me optimistic about the future of foreign reporting and my contribution to the field."

Throughout the semester, the Pacific Council published the students’ work on our Newsroom, our online platform featuring daily commentary, analysis, and news about international affairs and policy. Below you can find a complete list of articles written by the students since September.

Students from Professor Seib's class network at PolicyWest

"These students are exactly the type of professionals who should be engaging with the Pacific Council," said Jerrold Green, president and CEO of the Council. "They are the next generation, and their commitment to journalism and to covering the most important issues affecting our city, country, and our world will influence the future direction of our international policy."

Read all stories by the USC students here:

How Did We Get Here? Russia, Crimea, and the West - Meijun Li

Space as a Field for Global Cooperation at PolicyWest - Lulit Tadesse

On the Rebound: U.S.-Taiwan Relations - James Cutchin

The Fate of Populism at PolicyWest - Mikayla Bean

The Future of Guantánamo Bay Trials at PolicyWest - Katrin Tschirgi 

The New "Scramble for Africa" at PolicyWest - James Cutchin and Meijun Li

The Future of U.S.-Mexico Relations at PolicyWest - Alexandra Chan

Chinese Actress Bingbing’s Alleged Tax Evasion Sparks Crisis - Meijun Li

What Does This Flag Mean? - James Cutchin

U.S.-China Naval Tensions in the South China Sea - Dongyao Nie 

Patriotic Films Win Soft Power for Chinese Government - Dongyao Nie 

The Fight to Honor “Comfort Women” Intensifies - Mikayla Bean

How China is Building Its Soft Power - James Cutchin

Mexico City’s Water Crisis on the Eve of “Day Zero” - Katrin Tschirgi 

A New Year of Peace for Ethiopia and Eritrea -  Lulit Tadesse 


The views and opinions expressed in the pieces above are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Pacific Council.

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