Corporate Membership

  • Convene at the apex of geopolitics and international commerce

  • Connect with global political and business leaders

  • Share your brand with international and California audiences

Membership in the Pacific Council helps companies develop the competitive edge they need to thrive in the global economy. Investing in our work is investing in your own, demonstrating your commitment to U.S. engagement in the world while increasing your capacity for global impact.

Our Program

A Corporate Membership to the Pacific Council provides a range of opportunities for your representatives to interact with the people working on the front lines of global affairs in Los Angeles, nationally, and around the world. On any given day at the Council, you might attend an “off the record” briefing with a CEO or an ambassador, join us on an international delegation to engage senior officials abroad about your company’s next big investment, or attend a conference where your company is featured prominently among other global brands.

Through your Corporate Membership, senior executives from your company will enjoy access to more than 60 events throughout the year. We regularly feature prominent guests from the policy world – including Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, John Kerry, Condoleezza Rice, and more – in addition to experts from consulting, academia, and other technical industries who can provide personalized guidance on the issues facing your company today.

Corporate Memberships begin at $25,000 per year, with options available to suit your needs and interests: 

View the Corporate Benefits Chart via PDF here.

Join Us

Join an exclusive group of business leaders by investing in the strongest community of global influencers on the West Coast. Contact us at to learn about becoming a Corporate Member today.

Not Ready to Become a Corporate Member?

The Council offers other opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to global affairs outside of the Corporate Membership program. The following opportunities start at $5,000:

  • Sponsor a conference
  • Host an event
  • “Pay it Forward” for the next generation of global leaders
  • Underwrite a Council project or activity
  • Invest in necessary technological upgrades

Contact us at for more information.

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