About Us

The Pacific Council on International Policy promotes global engagement across Los Angeles and California. We believe that everyone has a role to play in global affairs. The Pacific Council builds the capacity of local citizens to become global affairs champions, harnesses the collective power of individuals, businesses, and institutions in our city, and exports LA’s talents to the world on issues where we add value.

The Council is committed to representing and addressing California’s diverse perspectives and challenging all citizens to think critically about global issues. We believe that community awareness, civic participation, and cross-sector partnerships improve local leadership on global issues and lead to better policy outcomes.

Our Mission

The Pacific Council is committed to building the capacity of Los Angeles and California for impact on global issues, discourse, and policy.

Our Vision

Contributing to a world in which a spirit of internationalism drives global engagement and diverse perspectives inform policy.

Our Values

The Pacific Council is centered on the values of global engagement, inclusivity, objectivity, civility, respect, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Our Focus on Local-to-Global


"Local-to-global" at the Pacific Council means connecting local experiences to global policy and action. The Council is starting our local-to-global discussions by featuring content on topics where we can draw clear local-to-global connections, especially in regards to the city of Los Angeles, including climate, human rights, and technology, among others.
We want to help people who live and work in their local communities understand how their movements, choices, and especially their local policies can have global impact. And likewise, to make international leaders and decision makers understand how global policies affect small communities every day. The Pacific Council aims to become a leader in the local-to-global discussion and mindset, guiding members and the broader community in recognizing where local actions have global impact and where global actions have local impact.

Learn more about who we are and our commitment to inclusivity.

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