Launching Our 25th Anniversary Celebration
Global Los Angeles
October 10, 2019

2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the Pacific Council on International Policy. We kicked off this special milestone celebration at last week’s PolicyWest, our annual fall conference. Throughout the year ahead, we will highlight significant moments and people from our history and look forward to the next phase of our work. 

For the Pacific Council, 25 years signify a milestone and a moment of reflection. We feel grateful for the community we’ve built and the impact our work has had on Angelenos and global policy. 

25 years testify to a powerful foundation of leaders who are ready to lift up emerging leaders. It means new voices speaking up and being heard. 

25 years have resulted in shared goals for global engagement and policies that work for the common good. The Pacific Council has been a space for people to come together, willing to learn and change and grow.

25 years also bring a renewed vision for the Pacific Council that sets us on a path—together—toward a future where our work makes a difference in the world. 

The Pacific Council believes in a future where a spirit of internationalism drives global engagement and diverse perspectives inform policy.

In 2020, we are opening doors for you—our members—to have an impact on the issues you care about. This milestone, our 25th anniversary, marks a time of renewed energy to advance civic and global engagement while maintaining our values of nonpartisanship and inclusivity.

But the Pacific Council you know and love is not going anywhere. Our proven strength is convening and educating our members, and your understanding of the world is still core to our mission: to build Los Angeles and the West Coast for global impact.

2020 is a year of change for the world: major elections, climate shifts, migrations of people and ideas that will shape the next 25 years and beyond. 

The Pacific Council is ready—join us.

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