Mexico Initiative

The United States and Mexico share a 2,000-mile border that, to date, has been one of the most peaceful and successful border relationships in the world. Recent negative rhetoric ignores the deep connections between Mexico and the United States and reflects a worldview inconsistent with the reality experienced in Southern California.

As part of North America, the United States and Mexico share deep cultural, linguistic, and often familial ties, plus common domestic and foreign policy priorities such as energy security, the environment, and public health. There is an urgent need for civil society to step up and promote continued U.S.-Mexico collaboration. In this spirit, the Pacific Council seeks to take an approach to Mexico that reflects our geography, identity, and appreciation for the long-term international policy interests of the United States.

The Mexico Initiative seeks to provide a distinctly West Coast perspective where our ties with Mexico are a part of daily life. Our initiative is educational in order to increase understanding of these realities, and also an effort in public diplomacy, seeking to maintain close ties and cooperation between Southern California and partners in Mexico, regardless of the dialogue at the national level. Under the auspices of the Mexico Initiative, chaired by the Honorable Michael C. Camuñez, the Pacific Council holds events, produces analysis and commentary, and fosters exchange with Mexican leaders.

The Latest on U.S.-Mexico Policy

In 2021, with a new administration in the White House and the COVID-19 pandemic having altered the world for a year, the Pacific Council is focused on sharing recommendations with the Biden administration and the public to improve this essential bilateral relationship. Scroll down to the "features" section below to see what we are working on. 

Events & Activities


First 100 Days Memo on U.S.-Mexico Policy
Share the Shots: A Campaign for Vaccine Diplomacy

Michael C. Camunez

President & CEO, Monarch Global Strategies LLC

Patrick C. Schaefer

Senior Vice President of the Center for Global Trade & Foreign Investment, LA Chamber of Commerce

Andrew Selee

President, Migration Policy Institute; and former Director, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center

Luis Rubio

President, Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (COMEXI)

Abraham F. Lowenthal

Professor Emeritus, USC & President Emeritus, Pacific Council on International Policy

Frida P. Glucoft

Partner and Immigration Law Chair, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP
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