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At the Pacific Council, members are at the heart of what we do. We bring together people from different industries and sectors to share ideas, keep up on foreign affairs, and effect change on issues that are important at home and abroad.

Members are business, civic, and political leaders, policy and issue experts, and qualified individuals with demonstrated interest and commitment to international affairs.

Why apply?

Members of the Pacific Council become part of a community of thoughtful, concerned global citizens whose experience informs smart policy and discourse. We connect you to a network of leaders, bring you in on both live and virtual discussions with global thinkers, and invite your ideas to contribute to public discourse and improved policy.

How do I apply?

Complete an application for the Board of Directors to consider your candidacy. You will need to prepare a CV, a statement of interest, and a brief bio for our website. Receiving a nomination from a current member is encouraged, but not required. Contact us with questions: we can help.

What does membership cost?

Annual membership dues range up to $1,975 based on the following variables:
  • Age (discounts for those 35 and younger)
  • Location (depending on if you live in Southern California or outside of the region)
  • Sector (discounts for those who work in nonprofit)
We offer monthly payment plans. Please contact us at to learn more.


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