Learn about the Pacific Council’s special initiatives and how you can get involved. These projects focus on specific areas where the Pacific Council is poised and pledged to make a difference.

Current Initiatives

Learn how the Pacific Council is supporting local and global efforts to combat COVID-19.

The Pacific Council believes that having a “local-to-global” mindset as a voter leads to better policy outcomes. In 2020 we are helping members approach the election with this unique lens.

The United States and Mexico enjoy one of the most interdependent, successful economic partnerships in the world, and their populations share deep cultural, linguistic, and often familial ties.

Past Initiatives

The Pacific Council continues to engage in discourse around our notable past initiatives. Please contact us for more information.

Los Angeles is one of the world’s great urban communities. It is large, diverse, vibrant, and cosmopolitan. Its people, businesses, and institutions routinely and constructively connect and interact with their counterparts all over the world. Los Angeles is a global city.

The effects of global water scarcity extend beyond the possibility of drought, spilling into cross-border conflict, global trade issues, and human insecurity. What can we do to address these issues now and create a water abundant future?

Since 2013, the Pacific Council has held official NGO observer status with the Office of Military Commissions at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba (GTMO).

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