Global Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the world’s great urban communities. It is large, diverse, vibrant, and cosmopolitan. Its people, businesses, and institutions routinely and constructively connect and interact with their counterparts all over the world. The city provides goods, services, ideas, and culture to the larger world and in turn enjoys the best that the world has to offer. Los Angeles is a global city.

Through our Global LA Initiative, the Pacific Council seeks to position Los Angeles as a leader on international issues and to engage the city in a conversation about seizing the opportunities and dealing with the challenges that arise from its global character.

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Global Los Angeles: A Report
Building Bridges from Seoul to Los Angeles: SeouLA Report

Nina L. Hachigian

Deputy Mayor for International Affairs, City of Los Angeles

Jerrold D. Green

President & CEO, Pacific Council on International Policy

Richard Neu

Senior Economist, RAND Corporation

George Nolfi

Film Director, Adjustment Bureau & Writer, Bourne Ultimatum

Eric Eide

Director, Ecosystem Development, Alliance for Southern California Innovation

Dan Schnur

Director, California Influencers series
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