September 25, 2019

Pacific Council member Andrew Boyle reports on his observations of the military commission hearings of the 9/11 attackers in Guantánamo Bay on the 18th anniversary of the attacks.

October 2, 2018

To get the Guantánamo cases to trial, Congress should implement two pragmatic, nonpolitical measures: federal judges should be sent to GTMO and those judges should be given expanded powers, writes Robert C. Bonner.

A GTMO Task Force Report

September 11, 2018

On this 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the Pacific Council’s GTMO Task Force announces the release of its second report to renew the call for federal judges to preside over the military trials at Guantánamo and equip them with expanded powers to enforce deadlines, levy consequences, and propel these cases toward fair and final conclusions.

April 16, 2018

The time for improving the trial capacity and efficiency at Guantánamo Bay is now, before new prisoners are added to the population, write Jack Riley, Michelle Kezirian, Richard Goetz, and Jerry Green.

June 27, 2016

Whether the Guantánamo Bay prison is eventually closed or not, the Obama administration can still give the remaining detainees due process by removing the inefficiencies in the Military Commission Hearings.


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