August 20, 2019

The latest heatwave demonstrates that climate change is a transnational threat that requires transcontinental cooperation, writes Ibrahim Al-Marashi.

Ben-Gurion Solar Center

August 15, 2019

Future dependency on Israeli natural gas could change the political equation for many European countries that are currently critical of Israeli policies toward Palestinians, write Mieczysław Boduszyński and Jamie Levin.


June 25, 2019

Palestinians know that unless there is a political horizon that provides for an end to the occupation and the freedom and independence they need to grow their economy, they will not prosper, write Mel Levine and James Zogby.

June 20, 2019

Today, on the 10th anniversary of Neda Agha-Soltan’s murder by an Iranian sniper in Tehran, her story remains alive, showing that governments—no matter how powerful and repressive—cannot wholly control what their own people and global publics can learn about their actions, writes Phil Seib.

June 18, 2019

Following a year of research in conjunction with the Pacific Council, the project to Strategically Protect Soft Networks offers this white paper exploring various possible policy options for better insulating local allies of the U.S. military and diplomatic community in conflict zones abroad.

Public Diplomacy Magazine

June 12, 2019

Instead of seeking influence with Iran by promoting cross-cultural relations, encouraging dialogue, and deftly deploying smart power, the United States has opted for a form of public demonization, which can be considered the opposite of public diplomacy, Jerrold Green, Gemma Stewart, and Justin Chapman write in USC's Public Diplomacy Magazine.


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