Olympian Yiech Pur Biel - credit: IOC

August 5, 2016

This week, an Olympic team of refugees makes history in Rio; researchers in Cuba develop a vaccine for lung cancer; women in Nepal organize to gain independence from a patriarchal caste system; and more.

August 2, 2016

Pacific Council directors Robert H. Tuttle and Mickey Kantor extol the virtues of the recently passed Global Food Security Act, and how it can make a real impact in the fight against global hunger. 

Pan American Health Org.

July 29, 2016

This week on Global Beat: Colombia declares an end to its Zika virus epidemic; Russian athletes will be heading to the Rio Olympic Games despite mass doping charges; sub-Saharan Africa is named one of the fastest growing regions for foreign direct investment; and more.

July 28, 2016

It would be a mistake for China to engage only New York and Washington, D.C., in its relations with the United States, as the East Coast is only part of the story in terms of U.S. public diplomacy resources, writes Pacific Council President and CEO Dr. Jerrold D. Green, Communications Associate Justin Chapman, and Events Officer Alexandre Moore.

July 22, 2016

This week on Global Beat: Erdogan has given himself near absolute power over Turkey in the wake of a failed military coup; a sporting project in the slums of Sao Paulo aims to give hope to rural children; volunteers in India are fighting climate change by planting trees; and more.

July 15, 2016

This week on Global Beat: Theresa May is selected as the United Kingdom’s second female prime minister; renewed fighting erupts in Kashmir; an international court rules against China’s territorial claims to the South China Sea; and more.


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