Environmental Sustainability

Natural resources such as water, land, and energy are necessary for human life but are, for the most part, finite in quantity.

This and their unequal distribution over the world often makes them the subject of conflict. Meanwhile, climate change precipitates new environmental conditions and exacerbates challenges like drought and water scarcity. How can countries work in concert to achieve smart solutions in energy, mitigate resource scarcity, and avoid the worst effects of environmental degradation and climate change?

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Water Stress, Instability, and Violent Extremism
After the Storms: Rebuilding with Climate Change in Mind

Marcus DuBois King

Assoc Professor and Director, MA in International Affairs, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University

Wendy Rose Phillips

Section Chief (ret.), Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, State of California

Mark Cappellano

Director, The Skyscrape Foundation

Sarah Sieloff

Urban Planner, Haley & Aldrich

Lauren Nicole Core

Lawrence Berkeley Lab (LBL), U.S. Dept of Energy Office of Science

Abby Lindsay

Water, Climate, and Environmental Governance Consultant, and Adjunct Professor at American University
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