Territorial Disputes: Kashmir
July 11, 2019
11:00am to 12:00pm

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The first installment in the 2019 Summer Teleconference Series on territorial disputes, featuring Kashmir.

India and Pakistan have fought over the region of Kashmir since the 1940s. Violence has continually impacted the region, as well as the governments of those two countries.

What is the scale and impact of the humanitarian crisis in the region? Is there a path towards stability and how can the international community support this outcome?

Listen to the full conversation below:


Dr. Sameer Lalwani, Senior Fellow and Director, South Asia Program, Stimson Center

Sameer Lalwani is a Senior Fellow and Director of the South Asia Program at the Stimson Center where he researches nuclear deterrence, interstate rivalry, crisis behavior, and counter/insurgency. Read more.

Dr. Aparna Pande, Director, Initiative on the Future of India and South Asia, Hudson Institute

Aparna Pande is Research Fellow & Director of Hudson Institute’s Initiative on the Future of India and South Asia. Aparna wrote her PhD dissertation on Pakistan’s foreign policy. Read more.


Atman Trivedi, Managing Director, Hills & Company

Atman Trivedi is a Pacific Council member and Managing Director at Hills & Company, International Consultants, where he advises global companies on trade, investment, and political issues with a focus on Asia. Read more.


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