Gifts for the Globalists in Your Life
December 11, 2018

The trees are decorated, the candles are lit, and the cookies are baked. With the holidays just a few weeks away, it's time to finish shopping and start wrapping. But what do you get your friend or family member who loves foreign policy? Surely they have a library full of books already. And what about your son or daughter who you're raising to care about the world around them? The Pacific Council has put together a holiday gift guide for the globalists and policy wonks in your life. Start shopping:

For Kids:

Little Passports - This monthly subscription service provides children a chance to learn about the world around them. With boxes like "World Edition," your child will discover a new country each month with activity sheets, photos, passports, maps, and more. 

The Little Book for Big Changes - Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, this children's book has over 100 activities and ideas to help kids become global citizens. The book explores topics like poverty, inequality, and climate change, and helps children develop a sense of empathy and responsibility for the world around them.

GeoSafari Talking Globe - This talking globe introduces kids to the world by providing fun facts, music, lights, and sounds to teach kids about countries and continents. 

GeoBingo World Edition - Play bingo while teaching your kids facts about the world, including capitals, country population, and geographic location.

For Adults:

Handmade Leather Coaster Set - This product is sold under Gifts for Good, an organization which curates gifts that support charitable causes. These coasters are handcrafted in Haiti, and each purchase provides one hour of dignified work to fight the country's orphan crisis.

Secret Hitler - Don't let the name stop you. Secret Hitler is a political game of deception and trust. Set in Germany, players are divided into two teams - liberals and fascists. The fascists coordinate to install their leader while the liberals work to stop the Secret Hitler before its too late.

Miry's List - Support refugee families in Los Angeles by giving a gift in your friends' honor. Miry's List uses crowdsourcing and social media to create lists of items refugee families need, from diapers to cleaning supplies, and more. Donate here.

Heirloom Sari Silk Scarf - This scarf, handmade by women in India, is sold by Global Girlfriend, which helps women around the world gain economic security and stability. Their products help provide women with access to education, health, and employment.

Custom Travel Notebook - These notebooks created by FO! Design are perfect for the traveler in your life. Made in Istanbul, each notebook can be personalized with custom maps and make perfect travel journals, sketchbooks, or notebooks.

Try The World - This monthly subscription service sends snacks, ingredients, and food products from around the world.


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