January 15, 2019

While Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s personality, far-right message, and identity as a disrupter have naturally encouraged comparisons between him and President Trump and could lead to improved U.S.-Brazil relations, Bolsonaro faces a different set of challenges than Trump, experts told Pacific Council members in a teleconference.

January 14, 2019

Alexis Okeowo shares in her book a 21st century depiction of Uganda, Mauritania, Nigeria, and Somalia that is often difficult and disturbing—but also illuminating for practitioners in the international relations and conflict resolution fields, writes Kareena Kirlew.

M. Oliveira/A. Senado

January 10, 2019

Previous transitions from authoritarian rule toward democracy in other Latin American countries seemed impossible until they occurred, and that likely will be the case in Venezuela, writes Abraham Lowenthal and David Smilde.

January 4, 2019

While Kim Jong-un’s New Year’s address is a signal that North Korea’s transition to a "normal country" is on track despite a lack of rapid progress in denuclearization, the international community needs to keep engaging Pyongyang in order to encourage positive reform, writes Jongsoo Lee.

Theresa May & Donald Tusk

January 3, 2019

From a potential Cold War between the United States and China to the looming Brexit deadline, Pacific Council member DJ Peterson lays out the international hotspots to watch this year.


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