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Trade and investment are often central issues in international affairs.

How should foreign policy reflect exigencies in trade and domestic employment pressures? How does international investment by companies large and small affect U.S. relationships around the world? Economic and financial frameworks to assess risk, calculate supply and demand, and determine utility can also help us to understand issues such as land disputes and regime instability and to evaluate the efficacy of policies across the globe.

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Workers Need New Skills to Avoid Automation’s Impact on Jobs
Blockchain Technology Will Influence International Relations

Charles H. Rivkin

CEO, Motion Picture Association of America

Willem Mesdag

Managing Partner, Red Mountain Capital Partners, LLC

Stephen Cheung

President, World Trade Center Los Angeles

Jennie Wenger

Director, Economics, Sociology, and Statistics Department, RAND Corporation

Li Lu

President, Himalaya Capital Partners, LP

Ecem Yakut

Financial Analyst, Oakwood Worldwide
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