A Peninsula Divided: North Korea and Security in East Asia
October 28, 2016
8:30am to 10:30am

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A breakfast discussion on security issues and tensions on the Korean Peninsula in the wake of North Korea's continued nuclear development. This event is presented in partnership with the Wilson Center

What is the current security situation on the Korean Peninsula? How is U.S. policy impacted by China’s relationship with North Korea? How will South Korea choose to deal with its northern neighbor should they continue to test and develop their nuclear arsenal?


The Honorable Jane Harman, Director, President, and CEO, Wilson Center

The Honorable Jane Harman is the first female Director, President, and CEO of the Wilson Center. She represented the aerospace center of California during nine terms in Congress. Read more.

Dr. David Kang, Professor of International Relations and Business, University of Southern California

Dr. David C. Kang is Professor of International Relations and Business at the University of Southern California. He is also Director of USC Korean Studies Institute and Director of the USC Center for International Studies. Read more

Dr. James Person, Deputy Director, History and Public Policy Program, Wilson Center

Dr. James F. Person is the Deputy Director for the History and Public Policy Program and coordinator of the Hyundai Motor-Korea Foundation Center for Korean History and Public Policy at the Wilson Center. Read more.


Dr. Booseung Chang, Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow, RAND Corporation

Dr. Booseung Chang has a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. Prior to beginning his fellowship at the RAND Corporation, Chang was a 2015–2016 Walter H. Shorenstein postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University. He previously served as deputy director of the South Korean Foreign Ministry's North Korean Nuclear Policy Division. Read more.

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