Voter Initiative
October 30, 2020
11:00am to 12:00pm

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A Local-to-Global webcast on what to expect following the November 3, 2020, U.S. presidential election. Open to the public.


Dan Schnur, Professor, Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism, University of Southern California; and Professor, Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Dan Schnur has been teaching courses in politics, communications, and leadership at UC-Berkeley since 1996 and at USC since 2004. Dan has also taught at the John F. Kennedy School of Government’s Institute of Politics at Harvard University and George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management. Read more.

Sonja Diaz, Founding Executive Director, UCLA Latino Policy & Politics Initiative

Sonja Diaz is a practicing civil rights attorney and policy advisor. As Founding Director of UCLA Latino Policy & Politics Initiative (LPPI), Diaz co-founded the first multi-issue policy think tank focused on Latinos at the University of California. Read more.


Sumaya Quillian, Programs Associate, Pacific Council on International Policy

Sumaya Quillian is a Programs Associate at the Pacific Council, where she produces virtual programming, including teleconferences, marquee events, and conferences. Read more.


November 3 promises to be one of the most consequential dates in U.S. history as America turns out to elect their next president. However, it is the days and weeks following the election that may prove the most informative and critical for our country. Amid the pandemic, millions of mail-in ballots are likely to delay the final results of the election, and how they’re counted and certified will prove a major point of contention. What’s more, questions around election integrity are inevitable as a result of foreign efforts to influence our election. The U.S. public’s reaction to the initial uncertainty and to the ultimate election outcome will surely complicate this picture even further. Please join us as we discuss the likelihood of these outcomes, and make predictions on what to expect both on and after November 3.

Watch the full conversation below:

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