World Citizen: Journeys of a Humanitarian with Jane T. Olson
January 2023

In-Person TBA

**More details, including event date, time, and location to follow soon**​​​​​

Join us for an event featuring former Pacific Council director and former Chair of the International Board of Trustees of Human Rights Watch, Jane T. Olson, on her latest book, World Citizen. More details, including event date and time, to follow soon.


World Citizen is about light and hope in the midst of unimaginable human suffering in war zones and places of extreme poverty around the world. Each chapter can be read as a complete experience through the intimate details recorded by the author in journals and on film about her memorable journeys with international human rights organizations. To be a World Citizen is to embrace and champion the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, knowing that all lives are valuable and equally deserving of protection and support.


Jane Olson, Former Chair of the International Board of Trustees of Human Rights Watch

Jane Olson has worked many decades as a volunteer promoting international peace and justice and humanitarian work. She chaired the International Board of Trustees of Human Rights Watch, the largest US-based international human rights organization, from 2004 to 2010, having worked on behalf of HRW since 1988. She also chaired the board of Survivor Corps for 12 years since its founding as Landmine Survivors Network. LSN and HRW were among the five organizations to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for the International Landmine Ban Treaty. Jane has received numerous awards herself as well.



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