Rachael Poplovitch


Sub-Saharan Africa
Washington, D.C., DC
United States

Rachael Poplovitch

I am an intelligence & threat assessment analyst, specializing in the Middle East and Africa.

I moved back to the United States after nearly four years in Israel. While in Israel, I earned a masters degree in political science with a specialization in national securities studies at the University of Haifa. And, following graduation, I worked at Max Securities Solutions in Tel Aviv, performing research and analysis of tactical and strategic threats and risks for our global clients.

At Haifa, I was also a Research Assistant in International Relations and Defense, researching issues such as:
• U.S restrictions on weapon and technology transfer to Israel
• U.S. policy toward and role in the Asia Pacific region
• U.S. policy toward India and
• The impact of U.S. restrictions on the Indo-Israeli defense relationship.

And using the results of my research, I co-authored “India-Israel-US Trilateral Cooperation Security Perspective: Challenges and Scope” and “Water & Public Policy: Democracy & Bureaucracy at a Crossroads.”

At Max Securities Solutions, I worked as Intelligence Analyst in the Africa Division, preparing comprehensive tactical and strategic threat and risk assessments in Africa. More specifically, I:
• Synthesized risk assessments into daily reports sent to corporate clients conducting business throughout Africa
• Authored articles on the global political and security environment, with a focus on recent developments on the African continent and
• Performed special monitoring of online sentiment and threat risks in Africa for specific corporate clients operating globally.

You can read my selected analyses at

I now live in Washington, D.C., where I am a consultant for a technology firm servicing a variety of clients. I received a BS from Marist College, a certificate from SAIS and an MA from George Washington University.

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