Pacific Council Task Forces - An Overview

The Pacific Council focuses its work on connecting Members directly to key policy issues. We assemble diverse groups from within our membership, facilitating their study of these issues so that they can better understand them and, where appropriate, propose solutions to them. Our approach is to gather the right Task Force members and to stimulate productive conversations among them, creating an atmosphere in which these leaders can convey practical improvements or solutions to key policy challenges. As individuals, members of these groups often have significant influence on their own. As a team, they unfailingly attract the respect and attention of top decision makers, and as a result are often able to make change happen.

The Task Force Program is the Pacific Council’s policy incubator, where leaders from a variety of sectors work together based on common interest and expertise to develop practical, forward-thinking solutions to global challenges. Our intent is to have a direct and constructive effect on policy where we believe we can add value. In this respect, the Pacific Council is an "action-focused" membership organization.

The Pacific Council Task Force Program is unique in that we are eager to engage in strategic partnerships with similar organizations both in the United States and internationally. Our aim is to co-generate and produce Task Force investigation and policy recommendations. In part due to this partnership model, each Pacific Council Task Force is designed to have balance, diversity, and openness to relevant and mainstream points of view. The goal of each is to develop solutions that can be forwarded directly to senior policy makers.

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