Brazil Country Dialogue | November 2-6, 2015: Rio de Janeiro and Brasília
A Pacific Council delegation will travel to Brazil from November 2-6, 2015. This trip is part of the Pacific Council's journey across the BRICS countries, which will include a visit to South Africa in 2016 and India in 2017, following prior visits to Russia and China. Delegates will gain access to the country's senior government officials and business leaders, learn more about U.S.-Latin America relations, and garner insight into Brazil's unique economic and political climate.

Indonesia Country Dialogue | March 25-29, 2015: Jakarta and Yogyakarta
A Pacific Council delegation traveled to Jakarta and Yogyakarta, Indonesia from March 25-29, 2015. Indonesia is a strategically and economically important U.S. partner and regional actor: the country is proximate to the South China Sea, boasts Southeast Asia's biggest economy, and is both the world’s largest Muslim-majority population and the world’s third largest democracy. Read more


Poland | Germany Country Dialogue | October 25-31, 2014: Warsaw and Berlin
The Pacific Council led a delegation of Pacific Council Board and Sustaining Members to Warsaw, Poland and Berlin, Germany.

Russia Country Dialogue | May 18-25, 2014: Moscow and St. Petersburg
The Pacific Council led a delegation of Pacific Council Board and Sustaining Members to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia.


Turkey Country Dialogue | November 3-8, 2013: Ankara and Istanbul
The Pacific Council led a delegation of Pacific Council Board and Sustaining Members to Turkey.

Cuba Country Dialogue | March 17-23, 2013: Havana
The Pacific Council  led a delegation of Pacific Council Board and affiliate sponsor members to Cuba.

Myanmar Country Dialogue | January 6-11, 2013: Yangon & Naypyidaw
The Pacific Council  led a delegation of Pacific Council Board and affiliate sponsor members to Myanmar.


North Korea Country Dialogue | August 27 - September 1: Pyongyang, Wonsan, Nampho Port, and Kaesong/DMZ
The Pacific Council  led a delegation of Pacific Council Board and affiliate sponsor members to North Korea. The visit took place from August 27- September 1.

Argentina & Chile Country Dialogue | March 19 – 23, 2012: Buenos Aires & Santiago
At the invitation of US Ambassador to Argentina, Vilma Martinez, a Pacific Council member, the Council convened a trip to Argentina and Chile in March of 2012.  Our delegation’s stay in Argentina and Chile  began with exclusive briefings at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires and Santiago.


South Sudan Country Dialogue | October 30 - November 4: Juba
At the invitation of Dr. Richard Niccio, South Sudan Country Director, National Democratic Institute, and Pacific Council member, the Council convened a small delegation visit to Juba, South Sudan in October.

Australia Country Dialogue | October 17 – 21, 2011: Canberra &Sydney
At the invitation of Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich, a Pacific Council member, the Council will convene a trip to Australia in October of 2011.  Our delegation’s stay in Australia will begin with exclusive briefings at the US Embassy in Canberra. In Sydney, we will benefit from the insight of Dr. Geoffrey Garrett, the former President and CEO of the Pacific Council (2005-2008) and current CEO of the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. We will have the opportunity to meet with high level political officials, business leaders and distinguished local experts to explore the Australian perspective on the rise of China; the nation's role in advancing regional cooperation and institution-building in the Asia-Pacific region; Sydney's identity as a global city; and environmental and clean energy concerns and innovations in the country.

China Country Dialogue | April 4 – 8, 2011: Beijing & Shanghai
At the invitation of US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, a founding member of the Pacific Council’s Board of Directors, the Pacific Council organized an International Country Dialogue to China.  A small delegation of Pacific Council Directors and members traveled to Beijing and Shanghai from April 4 – 8.  Our delegates met with high-level Chinese officials and business leaders, as well as other influential individuals in the social and cultural realms.  The delegation focused on China’s expanding role in global affairs, its rapid economic development, and the evolving Sino-US relationship; the delegation also explored China’s social and cultural evolution as it grows into a major economic, political, and military power.

Afghanistan Country Dialogue | March 10 – March 14, 2011: Kabul
Following two successful trips to this fascinating and troubled country, the Pacific Council was invited to return to Kabul for a third time by the Department of Defense.  A small delegation met with senior members of the US and Afghan militaries, civilian leaders, and enlisted men and women responsible for executing the mission on the ground.  This trip focused on the critical goal of promoting the rule of law in Afghanistan.  The delegation’s assessments were shared with our host, Vice Admiral Robert Harward, commander of Joint Task Force 435; Commanding General David Petraeus; as well as with the informed public.


France Country Dialogue | October 19 – 22, 2010: Paris
At the invitation of fellow Pacific Council member Charles H. Rivkin, current U.S. Ambassador to France, a 29-person member delegation convened in Paris, France from October 19 to 22.  The core agenda of this France Country Dialogue focused on high-level foreign policy matters, including the political, historical and cultural highlights of US-France relations. In this context, the delegation met with Ambassador Rivkin and his political team at the American Embassy; Thierry de Montbrial, President of the French Institute of Foreign Relations; Jean-David Levitte, a top Cabinet advisor to French President Nicolas Sarkozy; and a host of others.  The trip occurred during the wave of demonstrations that swept France in late October of 2010.

Iraq Country Dialogue | May 10 – May 14, 2010: Baghdad
With the support of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and others at the U.S. Department of Defense, a small delegation of Pacific Council members traveled to Iraq to observe the process of political and military transition at a particularly pivotal time in Iraq’s history. Delegates met with top-level U.S. and Iraqi officials, including General Raymond T. Odierno, Commanding General of U.S. Forces - Iraq, and Christopher R, Hill, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, to gain insight into the transition process and to provide an assessment of its handling.

Afghanistan Country Dialogue | April 20 – 22, 2010: Kabul & Bagram
At the invitation of Vice Admiral Robert Harward, Commander of Joint Task Force 435, Pacific Council President and CEO Jerrold D. Green led a delegation to Afghanistan to observe and assess U.S.-led detainee operations in that country.  This was the Pacific Council’s second trip to Afghanistan.  The delegation toured detention facilities in Kabul and Bagram, including a women's detention facility, and were provided detailed briefings on key aspects of U.S. detainee operations by Task Force leaders and in-country staff.

Guatemala Country Dialogue | March 16 – 21, 2010: Guatemala City, Antigua & San Juan Comalapa
The Pacific Council's Guatemala Country Dialogue examined efforts in Guatemala to end violence against women and improve their health and well-being. Trip participants traveled to Guatemala City, Antigua and San Juan Comalapa and were able to discuss the challenges to Guatemalan women's empowerment with representatives from Guatemalan NGOs, the Guatemalan legal sector, USAID and other organizations.  The delegation produced a report of their observations and recommendations.


Afghanistan Country Dialogue | December 5 – 6, 2009: Kabul
At the invitation of the U.S. Department of Defense, the Pacific Council led a delegation to Kabul in December of 2009. The delegation was invited to provide their assessment of the stabilization and rebuilding efforts of the U.S. military and the International Security and Assistance Forces. The trip participants toured sites around Kabul and received briefings from American and Afghan military and civilian leaders on the topics of military strategy, economic and political development, infrastructure building and more.

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