pacific council task force releases report:
"Preparing for the Effects of Climate Change – A Strategy for California" 

On November 22, the Pacific Council on International Policy is pleased to release its latest report, prepared by the Council’s Task Force on Adaptation to Climate Change. The report, “Preparing for Unavoidable Effects of Climate Change: A Strategy for California,” lays out the required actions California must take to prepare for the anticipated impacts of a changing climate.

The Council is privileged to have Dr. Ralph J. Cicerone, the President of the National Academy of Sciences and a world authority on climate science, to help launch the Task Force report with an address at the Council’s release event. Cicerone’s research in atmospheric chemistry, climate change and energy has involved him in shaping science and environmental policy at the highest levels nationally and internationally. His work has been recognized by the American Geophysical Union with its Macelwane Award and its Roger Revelle Medal, by the Franklin Institute with its Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science, and by the World Cultural Council with its Albert Einstein World Award in Science, among others.

On hand to present the report’s findings will be the three co-chairs of the Task Force: Mr. William K. Reilly, Founding Partner of Aqua International Partners, LP; Mr. Patrick Lavin, 7th District Member of the IBEW International Executive Council; and Mr. Mason Willrich, Chair of the Board of Governors of the California Independent System Operator. Mr. John E. Bryson, Co-Chair of the Pacific Council on International Policy and Former Chairman and CEO of Edison International, and Lester A. Snow, Secretary of Natural Resources for California, will also participate in the discussion.

The Task Force on Adaptation to Climate Change was established in the spring of 2009 to address the prospect of accelerating climate change as a profound long-term challenge to the people and policy-makers of California. Now operating as the California Adaptation Advisory Panel to the State of California by invitation of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the group’s goal is to develop a path forward in light of the growing knowledge of climate science and in appreciation of the adaptation discussions that are beginning among professional planners and agencies within the state.

Special thanks to the funders that made this work possible: BP Foundation, the Haynes Foundation, and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

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