U.S. – India Trade and Technology Task Force

The Joint Bi-National Task Force on enhancing U.S.-Indian trade and technology exchange, formally known as the U.S.-India Trade and Technology Task Force, was a cooperative effort of the Pacific Council and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), a leading business association in India. The Task Force was originally born out of the work of the previous Joint Task Force on U.S.-Indian Relations from 2004 - 2005, whose final report noted that the emerging partnership between the two countries was driven in significant measure by the private sector, particularly the forces of technological and cultural globalization that are so prominent in the U.S. The mission of the Task Force, therefore, was to explore and compose actionable policy recommendations for strengthening U.S.-Indian economic relations, with a sharp focus on the innovation economy sectors vital to the prospects of each country.

The Task Force held two meetings during the course of its work: a launch meeting in New Delhi in September 2007 and a second meeting in Silicon Valley in June 2008. Joining the Task Force at each of its meetings were prominent business executives, government officials, and experts from the U.S. and India whose participation served to help guide and inform the efforts of the Task Force.

After nearly two years of engaging work and meetings, the Task Force released its final report, entitled “Charting New Frontiers: Enhancing India-U.S. Cooperation in the Global Innovation Economy.” The report set out an actionable plan for strengthening U.S.-India economic relations, focusing on the innovation economy sectors vital to each country.  Striking a balance between pragmatism and ambition, and mindful that much of India’s growth path will depend on continuing internal reforms, the report charts forth a course for capitalizing on looming opportunities for mutual gains while seeking to mitigate possible tensions as India assumes a larger role in the global economy. The report is the product of a focused and sustained exchange among American and Indian business leaders and policy experts. The Task Force was co-chaired by Richard F. Celeste, former U.S. ambassador to India and governor of Ohio, and Dr. Amit Mitra, FICCI’s secretary general.

The public release event was held in the summer of 2009 in Washington DC, hosted by the prestigious Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and chaired by R. Nicholas Burns, former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs and a key architect of the U.S.-India civilian nuclear agreement. The event was broadcasted on Voice of America TV’s Hindi language service and received widespread media coverage from The San Jose Mercury News, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Economic Times, The Indian Express, and numerous local media groups.

The report was released at a Capitol Hill meeting of the Congressional Caucus on India that was attended by Rep. Howard L. Berman, Chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and Rep. Ed Royce, Co-Chairman of the Congressional Caucus on India. Additional briefings were given to Timothy J. Roemer, Ambassador-designate to India; Robert O. Blake, Jr., Assistant Secretary of State for South & Central Asia; Nina V. Fedoroff, Science & Technology Adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; Michael S. Owen, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia; Michael J. Delaney, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for South & Central Asia; Julia Christine Bliss, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Services & Investment; Peter F. Cowhey, Senior Counselor to the U.S. Trade Representative; and Claudio A. Lilienfeld, Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for South & Central Asia.

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