Recent Task Forces

Recent Task Forces are those that have completed their work and disseminated a final report within the past year. As always, the goal of each of the Task Forces is to construct practical, forward-thinking policy recommendations on relevant international and domestic issues in order to inform and influence policy makers. The important work of these Task Forces is getting attention and we continue to push hard to influence policy outcomes.

Below you will find a short description of each Task Force, as well as links to downloadable reports and materials.

Latino Leadership Task Force

The Latino Task Force was convened by the Pacific Council to examine the complex landscape of Latino voters in the United States and formulate specific foreign policy recommendations to President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney in advance of the 2012 presidential elections, advising both candidates on how policy must change to recognize and respond to the growing strength of the U.S. Latino community. Under the direction of Task Force co-chairs Antonia Hernandez and Solomon D. Trujillo, the Pacific Council Latino Task Force was composed of a number of prominent Latino leaders, primarily from southern California, with representatives from the business community, the not-for-profit sector, academia, and others. More>>

Climate Change Adaptation Task Force

The Pacific Council's Task Force on Adaptation to Climate Change was convened to analyze immediate climate change threats to California and recommend strategies and policies for the state to adapt to an ever-changing climate. The Task Force focused on three key hazards: increased wildfires, rising sea levels, and reduced water supply. The Task Force, which was appointed as the advisory panel to the state of California, released its final report, entitled, “Preparing for the Effects of Climate Change – A Strategy for California” on November22, 2010. More>>

U.S. – Mexico Border Security Task Force

The Bi-national Task Force on the United States-Mexico Border was created as a cooperative effort of the Pacific Council and the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (COMEXI), a prestigious Mexico-based civil and non-profit association, to tackle pressing cross-border issues affecting the U.S. and Mexico. The mission of the Task Force was to explore and construct a set of policy recommendations for both the U.S. and Mexican governments on how to strengthen border security and cooperation in five policy areas: public safety, migration, facilitation of legal transit and commerce, economic development, and border institutions. The Task Force’s final report, entitled, “Managing the United States-Mexico Border: Cooperative Solutions to Common Challenges” was released on November 13, 2009. More>>

U.S. – India Trade and Technology Task Force

The Bi-National U.S.-India Trade and Technology Task Force was a cooperative effort of the Pacific Council and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), a leading business association in India. The mission of the Task Force was to explore and compose actionable policy recommendations for strengthening U.S.-Indian economic relations, with a sharp focus on the innovation economy sectors vital to the prospects of each country. The Task Force released its final report, entitled “Charting New Frontiers: Enhancing India-U.S. Cooperation in the Global Innovation Economy” in June of 2009. More>>

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