Pacific Council Membership Overview

The non-partisan Pacific Council is the premier membership-based international affairs organization on the West Coast. The Council's membership consists of a diverse network of leaders from a broad range of professions; our members are heavily invested in understanding international affairs and affecting public policy. The Pacific Council provides its members with opportunities to enhance their knowledge of global issues and to augment their professional and personal efficacy in the international arena.

Excellence, insight, and impact are key components of Pacific Council membership. Membership is extended to select professionals engaged in businesses with international reach, experts in international policy, civic and political leaders, and qualified individuals interested in international affairs. Although the Pacific Council is largely a West Coast organization, national and international members with broad perspectives and distinguishing expertise are also welcomed for consideration.

The Pacific Council on International Policy is sustained through various forms of support from its membership. Individual members of the Pacific Council are requires to pay annual dues and are encouraged to participate in an Annual Giving Fund drive.  

To learn more about membership in the Pacific Council, please contact the Membership Department.

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