Sustaining Members

Sustained financial support, in addition to general member dues*, helps ensure that the Pacific Council may maintain its current level of success while introducing new initiatives and increasing its member base.  Individual donors, foundation grants and corporate sponsorships help comprise the highest cadre of annual supporters of the Pacific Council.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous financial contributions of the following individuals, corporations and foundations:

Chairman's Circle ($50,000 +)

Mrs. Lynn A. Booth
Mr. Charles C.Y. Chen
Dr. Bradford W. & Ms. Louise D. Edgerton
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Mimi Liu

Mr. Steven S. Myers & Ms. Vivian Soren-Myers
Mr. Marc B. & Ms. Jane Nathanson
Amb. Robert H. Tuttle & Ms. Maria Hummer-Tuttle

President's Circle ($25,000 - $49,999)

Dr. Nina Ansary
Mr. Sonny H. Astani    
Amb. Frank & Mrs. Kathrine F. Baxter
Mr. Nicolas Berggruen
Mr. Austin & Ms. Virginia Beutner
Ms. Pamela Brady
Hon. John E. & Ms. Louise Bryson
Mr. Mark Dalzell
Mr. Hans J. Dau & Ms. Deborah Benton-Dau
Mr. Robert Eckert
David & Marianna Fisher
Mr. Arnold & Ms. Judy Fishman
Mr. Richard B. Goetz
Goldman Sachs Gives
Ms. Ellen M. Hancock    
Joan and Irwin Jacobs

Hon. Mickey Kantor & Ms. Heidi Schulman
Mr. Michael & Ms. Terri Kaplan
Dr. David & Mrs. Sandra Lee
Alicia Miñana & Rob Lovelace,
   The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Amb. Susan & Craig McCaw
Jamie McCourt
Dr. Sharon Nazarian
Mr. William H. Neukom   
Mr. Scott Olivet   
Mr. Nelson C. & Mrs. Sharon Rising
Mr. Fredric Rosen & Ms. Nadine Schiff
Amb. Rockwell A. & Mrs. Marna Schnabel
Mr. Harry & Ms. Florence Sloan
Ms. Lynda Thomas

ambassador's circle ($15,000 - $24,999)

Mr. Robert J. Allan & Ms. Stella W. Yap
California Community Foundation
Mr. Scott W. & Ms. Allison Christopher

Ms. Jane T. & Mr. Ronald L. Olson
Embassy of the U.A.E.

Benefactor Level ($10,000 - $14,999)

Hon. Michael C. Camuñez
Mr. Alexander L. & Ms. Linda Cappello
Mr. John F. & Ms. Diane Cooke
Mr. Geoffrey Cowan & Ms. Aileen Adams
Mr. Russell Goldsmith, City Nat’l Bank
Mr. Arthur Greenberg
Ms. Lilly & Mr. Bruce Karatz
Hon. Mel Levine & Ms. Connie Bruck

Ms. Nancy A. Lieberman
The Mesdag Family Foundation
Mr. Adam & Ms. Lauren Nathanson   
Mr. George Nolfi
Dr. Susan F. Rice & Dr. Donald B. Rice
Geoffrey and Susan Wharton
Mr. Jeffrey & Ms. Vanessa Wright
Mr. David J. & Ms. Claudia Zuercher

Patron level ($5,000 - $9,999)

Dr. Robert C. Adler
Arent Fox
Mr. Jonathan Beutler
Mr. Robert D. Beyer
Ms. Joan Borinstein
Mr. Mark & Mrs. Anne-Marie Cappellano
The Crown Robinson Family
Ms. Dorothy M. & Mr. Michael A. Feng
Mr. Michael Fernhoff
Mr. William B. Fitzgerald
Ms. Frida P. & Mr. Joel Glucoft
Mr. Clifford Goldstein
Mr. Fred Grant & Ms. Tara Hubbard
Mr. Robert Hollander & Ms. Pamela Robinson
Mr. William H. Hurt
Mr. Brett R. Johnson
Ms. Suzanne M. Nora Johnson & Mr. David G. Johnson

Mr. Peter & Ms. Beth Jupp
Mrs. Michelle M. Kezirian
Ms. Joanne C. Kozberg, Ms. Lindsey Kozberg
Ms. Sara & Mr. Jon Kutler
Mr. Roy Landstrom
Mr. Warren Lieberfarb
Mr. Arnold & Ms. Anne Porath
Mr. Barry Porter
Mr. Thomas G. Russell
Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Tawny Sanders
Mr. Richard & Ms. Ellen Sandler
Mr. Harry & Ms. Marta Stang
Union Bank
Ms. Carole Wagner Vallianos & Mr. Peter Vallianos
Ms. Julie Waxman & Mr. Seth Freeman
Ms. Leslie Weisberg & Mr. James Hyman
Mr. Michael Zak
Mr. Richard Ziman




*The Pacific Council on International Policy is sustained through various forms of support from its membership. Individual members of the Pacific Council are required to pay annual dues and are encouraged to participate in an Annual Giving Fund drive.

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